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About Us

Veracity was started because we felt there was a need for a firm to provide professional business brokerage and consulting services to area businesses.  Most business owners turn to their accountants or attorneys for advice on how to run a business or sell it.  While these are competent and qualified individuals their sole focus is not managing businesses or brokering them.  It's what we do.

Our symbol and business name has deep meaning in our company's philosophy.  Our company name Veracity means adherence to truth and truthfulness.  The days of closing a deal on a handshake are over, but we will always be truthful and honest with our clients.  Our symbol NEA ONNIM stands for knowledge, life-long education, and continued quest for knowledge.  It is translated as he who does not know can become knowledgeable from learning; he who thinks he knows and ceases to continue to learn will stagnate. To grow is to live, to stagnate is to die. Only as one continues to search for knowledge will one grow wiser. Education is a life-long process.  Business changes...if a business or person does not continue to learn and adapt they will be left behind.

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